Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery

Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery

Your shoulders are one of the most critical joints of your body. That’s why, a shoulder injury could mean difficulty in performing daily activities.

There are quite a few ways to treat a shoulder pain,by analgesics or local analgesic gelor a surgery if the extent of injury is severe. Living with an injury is painful, but, is a full-fledged surgery the only option?

Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery

A minimally invasive shoulder surgery is the method by which doctors and surgeons treat shoulder injuries using minimum incision and reducing the pain and recovery process effectively. This surgery involves repairing the ligaments of shoulder.

Need For Minimally-Invasive Shoulder Surgeries:

If you are suffering from pain from a shoulder injury for a very long time, a minimally invasive shoulder surgery is the answer. When compared to other treatments for shoulder pain, the benefits received from a minimally invasive shoulder surgery is more.

 The Symptoms Of Patients Who Suffer From Shoulder Pain Are As Follows:

  • People who suffer from shoulder arthritis, who have not damaged their glenoid.
  • A fracture on the fourth part of the humerus with an intact rotator.due to a vascular vascular necrosis of head of humerus patient will get severe pain


In order to check the condition of the patient and to understand whether a person can undergo a minimally-invasive shoulder surgery, an x-ray is taken where the image of the shoulder bone is seen. In case the x-ray image is not very clear, a CT scan and Microbiologis done, where a clearer image of the shoulder is taken, where cross sectional images, are provided.

Shoulder Diagnosis

Procedure For The Surgery

There are certain procedures which are followed, while performing the minimally-invasive shoulder surgery. They are as follows:

  • Firstly, a small incision is made on the shoulder joints.
  • From the incision, the damaged part of the shoulder or the humeral head is removed.
  • The humeral stem is inserted into the damaged part to replace the bone, which has been removed.
  • In case the glenoid is to be removed, the surgeon first makes the artificial component, which can be fixed into the glenoid.
  • Thereafter, the artificial glenoid is fixed using cement in the area which is to be replaced.
  • After this, the accurately sized humeral artificial component is fit into the area and fixed, where the humeral system is located
  • After the minimally-invasive shoulder surgery is performed, it takes a while for the body to get adjusted to the artificial component. But, with time and with precautions being taken, the shoulder becomes stronger.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Since the procedure of a minimally invasive shoulder surgery is delicate, it is always necessary to consult a reputed orthopaedic surgeon from a reputed hospital. At Sai Sanjeevani, we aim to better the quality of life of our patients by reducing the pain and also getting them back to go on with their daily lives. So visit us or book at appointment with us to know more if you are in pain.


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