Types of Joint Replacement

Types of Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement Surgeries Have Brought New Hope To A Lot Of People – People Who Are At A Risk Of Disability Due To Loss Of Function Of Various Joints.

Everyday, With Every New Research, New And Advanced Techniques Are Being Developed, Which Reduce The Risks And Increase The Scope Of Joint Replacement Surgeries. This Is Why, Today, A Joint Replacement Surgery Does Not Necessarily Mean An Open Surgery Or A Total Replacement Surgery.

Using Modern Techniques And Tools, A Replacement Surgery Can Be Performed Not Only On Small Joints Like Knuckles But Also On Only One Part Of A Big Joint. Lets Explore All The Different Types Of Joint Replacement Surgeries.

Total Joint Replacement:

Total Knee Replacement

Total Joint Replacement Is The Traditional Joint Replacement Surgery Where The Entire Diseased Or Injured Joint Is Removed And Is Replaced With An Artificial Joint. The Artificial Joint, Called A Prosthesis, Is Made Of Metal Or Plastic Or A Ceramic Device Or Some Other Biochemical Material.

Your Doctor Will Run A Compatibility Test To Know Which Material Will Suit You The Best. The Prosthesis Is Designed In A Lab In The Exact Measurements As Your Natural Joint, So That It Performs Most Naturally After Your Recovery From The Surgery.

Partial Joint Replacement:

Partial Joint Replacement

Your Doctor Will Suggest You To Go Through A Partial Joint Replacement. This Is An Attempt To Save As Much Natural Bone As Possible. If Only A Portion Of Your Joint Is Injured Or Damaged, Such A Replacement Surgery Will Be Highly Beneficial. But A Lot Of Factors Like Strength Of Your Ligaments And Tendons, Type Of Damage, Area Of Damage Etc Play Significant Role In Deciding Whether Or Not You Are A Good Candidate For A Partial Joint Replacement.

Revision Surgery:

Revision Surgery

Revision Surgery Is A Very Complex Type Of Surgery. It Is Done In Various Conditions Like Fracture After Fall Again(peri Prosthetic Fractures), Secondary Infections And Ligament Laxity Etc.

The Degree Of Complexity Depends On What Kind Of Revision Needs To Be Performed. The Expertise Of The Surgeon Is A Highly Crucial Factor When It Comes To Repairing A Poorly Done Replacement Surgery. In Addition To These Major Types, There Are Some Very Important Types Of Replacement Surgeries.

These Techniques Were Developed To Cope With The Complexities A Major Joint Like The Hip Or A Knee Or A Shoulder Might Pose While Replacing. Here Are A Few Of Them.

Hip/Shoulder Resurfacing:

When A Resurfacing Surgery Is Performed On A Hip Or A Shoulder Joint, Generally, The Damaged Tissues Of The Socket Are Trimmed And Smoothened Out. The Area Is Then Capped With A Metallic Prosthesis. Not Everyone Can Be A Candidate For A Hip/shoulder Replacement.

Kneecap Replacement:

A Replacement Surgery Takes Very Long To Heal Completely, To Be Able To Be Used Like A Natural Joint. This Is Why, To Reduce The Time Of Recovery, Knee Replacement Surgery Can Sometimes Be Trimmed To Kneecap Replacement. In A Kneecap Replacement, Instead Of The Entire Joint, Only The Under-surface Of The Kneecap Is Replaced.

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Reverse Shoulder Replacement:

If The Damage In The Shoulder Is Too Serious, Especially After A Failed Shoulder Replacement Or Due To A Traumatic Accident, A ‘traditional Shoulder Replacement Cannot Be Performed, Especially If The Rotator Cuff Is Torn. In Such A Case, The Positions Of The ‘ball And The Socket’ Of The Shoulder Are Exchanged With The Use Of Prosthesis. Such A Surgery Is Called Reverse Shoulder Replacement.

Joint Replacement Surgeries Are Becoming More And More Popular Among People Who Has Been Suffering From A Diseased Joint For Long. New And Newer Techniques Are Assisting Doctors To Perform Miracles On Your Joints. If Your Doctor Suggests You To Go For A Replacement Surgery, Don’t Shy Away!


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