All You Need To Know About Pneumonia

‘Breathe in, breathe out.’

This is commonly suggested as a relieving exercise to people who are angry or nervous. This is suggestive of the fact that regulating our breathing, or focusing on it helps us take our minds off things that bothering us. But, what happens when the very thing that’s bothering you is your breathing? Add a few bouts of cough to it and you know you are in trouble.

Have you ever felt difficulty in breathing, have a fever and cough at the same time?

I think we all have at some point of time. Many of us do not pay heed to it and let it get cured on its own.

In most cases it gets cured on its own because our immune system is very good at what it does. But, when these symptoms along with some others stay for a long time in our body, there is only one disease which can cause all of this at once.


This disease affects one or both the lungs of the person who is infected by it. The disease of pneumonia is dangerous, yes, but it can also be cured and treated.

The reason why pneumonia is dangerous as the disease causes inflammation in the air sacs of the lungs. These air sacs are called alveoli. The inflammation of the alveoli in turn makes it difficult for the person to breathe.

What is Pneumonia

This disease is caused by bacteria, virus or even fungi but the most common type of pneumonia is caused by bacteria and mainly in adults.

Types of pneumonia:

Pneumonia is classified into various types. The basis of the classification of this disease is done with the causes of the infection, the location of the infection where it was transmitted and also how the infection was contracted.

Types of pneumonia by Germ:

These types of pneumonia is classified according to the particular organism which caused the disease. It can be either bacteria, virus or fungi.

  • Bacterial Pneumonia: This is the most common type of pneumonia seen all over the world and also most common in adults. It dangerous in nature and also lasts for a long time in the body of the person who has the disease.
  • Viral Pneumonia: This type of pneumonia is mainly caused by the viruses and is commonly seen in children and older people as well. Viral pneumonia is not as serious and lasts for a shorter time when compared to bacterial pneumonia.
  • Mycoplasma Pneumonia: An interesting thing about mycoplasma is that it is not categorised as bacteria or a virus but it has traits of both. This type of pneumonia is common in young adults and children.
  • Fungal Pneumonia: Fungi from bird droppings and also soil can cause this type of pneumonia to the people who inhale it in great amounts. Fungal pneumonia targets people who have weak immune systems and who already have chronic diseases.

Types of Pneumonia by Location:

Pneumonia is a disease which also is predominant in some particular places as well. Hence, classification of this disease is also done by the location where it was acquired by the person.

  • Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia: This type of pneumonia is also caused by bacteria. But it is contracted by a person who has stayed in a hospital for a long period of time. It is comparatively more dangerous than other types as the bacteria which has entered the body through a hospital might be more resistant to antibiotics.
  • Community-Acquired Pneumonia: This type is literally found anywhere outside a medical institution. It can be on the streets people visit or near a cafe perhaps. It is a common type due to its large presence.

Types of Pneumonia on the basis of how they are acquired:

These types of pneumonia is classified based on how the disease was acquired by the person.

Aspiration Pneumonia: This type of pneumonia is common and it occurs when a person inhales the bacteria which causes the disease from the food, drink or even the saliva as such. This is common in people who usually have difficulty in swallowing their food or if they are sedated due to the use of medications, alcohol or even certain illicit drugs.

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: In many complicated and long operations or surgeries, a patient is given the assistance of a ventilator to help them breathe. Ventilators can also have bacteria which can cause pneumonia which results in this type of the disease.

Pneumonia is a disease which is highly contagious in nature hence it is important for them to be kept in seclusion so that others do not contract the disease and assistance from a reputed doctor should be taken if the disease becomes more serious with time and the symptoms do not go in time.


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