Asthma: A Traffic Jam In Your Lungs!

When we stepped into world, the first thing we did was to breathe. Did we do that consciously? No. It happens automatically where the lungs absorb oxygen and recirculate it to keep you lively. What fuel is to vehicle, oxygen is to our body. But, what if the lungs fall sick? What if the bronchial tubes (airways in layman’s terms) in the lungs get choked up? In much simpler terms, what if your airways experience a “traffic jam”? For starters, you will have difficulty breathing.

This choke up or traffic jam of airways is called ‘asthma’. It is caused when the bronchial muscles swell up and restrict the passage for air. As the air passage is constricted, the lungs struggle to provide oxygen for the body. This causes chest pain and many problems for you. So, why did you become a victim of asthma?

Why is asthma caused?

Due to bad genetics or due to unhealthy habits such as smoking, you might get an asthmatic attack. In some cases, it is due to an allergic reaction to your pet. But, the most common causative factor for this unwanted health condition is that the air you breathe in is filled with pollutants of various kinds.

With no place else to go after entering your body, the pollutants get stuck to your bronchial tubes and narrow the air passage. Unable to function properly, your lungs become a prey to asthma. To make matters even more complicated, there are types in asthma.

Types of asthma

Asthma is of various types. The variation is due to the different causative factors. Fortunately, they are all treatable. Let’s see what they are.

Types of Asthma

Occupational asthma: The most common type of this disease is ‘occupational asthma’. This type of infection is caused when you breathe polluted air constantly like at a workplace. Sawdust, fungi, grain dust are just some of the particles which choke your bronchial tubes. In short, fine dust particles are the culprits that you should blame when you have this condition.

Childhood asthma: Asthma unfortunately doesn’t spare even the kids. Despite being raised in a healthy environment devoid of fine dust, toddlers easily fall prey to this disease. Inheriting bad genes from the family or due to breathing in irritants such as tobacco smoke, the kid’s airways will clog up. Worst part is that the children don’t clearly explain or understand what exactly they are suffering from.

Seasonal asthma: As the name indicates, this type of the disease sets in during a particular season. This type of asthma occurs when the temperatures drop in winter or autumn. Flu, cough and breathing problems ensue one after another. As condition worsens, one has to get hospitalised. If left untreated, seasonal asthma recurs every year.

Allergen asthma: Allergies can quite easily trigger the asthma in you. For some reasons, the body cannot tolerate coming in contact with certain substances. When you unknowingly breathe in dust mites or if you mingle with your pet, your bronchial tubes start choking. This is because you have a dust allergy or pet allergy. These allergies trigger the asthma in you.

Severe asthma: As the name suggests, severe asthma is the worst. This asthma is not easily treatable. The condition is indescribable. Consider yourself lucky, if you don’t have this type. The usual anti-asthma medicines will fail to make this condition vanish away. Unlike the others, this type puts a fight. Fortunately, it is treatable using different types of drugs.

Identifying asthma

Fortunately for everyone of us, asthma is easily identifiable. Mild to severe coughing bouts, shortness of breath are the recurring symptoms of asthma. Also, you will suffer a chest pain as though someone has placed a heavy object on your upper body. In case of a severe infection, you will start making wheezing noises and will start gasping for breath like you have run a race. These symptoms will arise suddenly and will make it difficult for you to breath.

Treating asthma

Given how prevalent asthma is, a substantial amount of medical researchers have dedicated their efforts to rid the problem from the world. Sai Sanjeevani Hospital is no exception. Located in Hyderabad, the hospital is working day and night to cure the asthmatic patients. With cutting-edge technology and using top quality medicines, the doctors there work tirelessly to make you better. By the end of the treatment, you are bound to feel exceptionally well, breathing in the air without any difficulties.

About the hospital:

Sai Sanjeevini Multi Speciality Hospitals, a unit of Singapanga Healthcare Pvt. Ltd has been providing health services to the people in need for the last 14 years. This health care organisation combines practical, proven research, cutting edge procedures and state-of-the-art treatment to produce excellent medical and lifestyle outcome for our patients. Our hospital and medical staff provide innovative medical care in a friendly, compassionate, community environment conducive to patient recuperation in a family atmosphere.

About the doctor:

Dr. M.Ravindranath is a reputed Pulmonologist in Hyderabad and has an experience of 12 years in this field. Dr. M.Ravindranath practices at Hyderabad Chest Clinic in Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad and Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals in Kothapet, Hyderabad. His knowledge of pulmonology has made him one of the best in the city and most patients visit him and go home, happy. So Book your Appointment now.