Bone Cancer – An Overview

Bone Cancer – An Overview

Mental strength comes from the mind, whereas your physical strength comes from the bones of the body.

Your childhood was filled with injuries, scratches, scars and ultimately some broken bones. All of these made you stronger and made you realise how it is necessary to understand the negatives and positives of life.

But, injuries are not the only things that can harm the bones. Bone cancer can damage the bones too. all know of Cancer. It is our worst nightmare as it is for most people synonymous with death.

It is a common misconception how cancer has moulded our minds in such a negative way and to such an extent that nothing positive ever comes out of it.

Bone Cancer

Cancer cells can affect any part of the body. It can stay in one part of the body or in one organ or can spread throughout the body.

A cancer is a tumour which occurs in the cells in the bones which can be benign or malignant. Malignant carcinoma cells are the ones who are responsible for the cancer which occurs in the bones and may or may not spread all over the body.

There are mainly two types of bone cancer:

  • Primary Bone Cancer: The type of bone cancer which originates in the bone itself and spreads to other parts of the body is called primary bone cancer. It is the lesser common type of bone cancer which is seen in most cases.
  • Metastatic Bone Cancer: This bone cancer is the more commonly seen type of bone cancer where the origin of the cancer cells grows in a nearby organ and then spreads to the bones surrounding the particular organ.

Metastatic Bone Cancer

Bone cancer causes:

The bone cancer causes just like any cancer is not absolute. Most of us know that cancer occurs if the normal growth of a cell is disrupted and once the disruption occurs, it allows the rapid division and growth of the abnormal cells.

Genetic factors play an important role in the causes of bone cancer although there are not many external factors which have played an important role in the cause of bone cancer.

Even though the causes of bone cancer are often unknown and not predominantly precise on the factors, it is more important to contain the spread of the cancer and as well as treating the cancer so that the cells can be killed.

What are the risks of bone cancer?

Bone cancer constitutes around one percent of all the cancers in the world. It is rare and yes it is dangerous. The number of bone cancer risk factors are a lot but there is also treatment which can be done.

In most of the cases, bone cancer is seen in children and younger adults hence for them, the bone cancer risk factors. But, the cancers found in older people mainly occur or form in a particular organ and then spread to the bones surrounding that particular organ.

The bone cancer risk factors are:

  • Previous treatment involving radiation therapy
  • Exposure to Chemotherapy with drugs
  • Implantation of metal to repair fractured bones.

Survival rate of Bone Cancer:

Like all cancers again, the bone cancer survival rate depends on the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body.

Survival rates are mainly percentages and also depend on the different stages of the cancer which is based on the spread of cancer.

Bone cancer survival rate is around 70% as said by the University of Rochester Medical Centre in United Kingdom.

The stages of bone cancer also determine the bone cancer survival rate:

  • Stage 1: The cancer is present in the bone and not spread out of it.
  • Stage 2: It is the same as stage one but the cancer tends to be more aggressive in nature.
  • Stage 3: The tumours exist in more than one place in the bones.
  • Stage 4: The cancer is spread to other parts of the body.

In the end, we all must remember that cancer is a disease and fighting against it is a game the body and mind should play together. It is a fight to the finish, to increase the survival rate, one must understand the risks of bone cancer and to ultimately win over this disease.


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