Common Lung Diseases

Breathe in and breathe out..

Once before reading the article and once after. The reason to do this follows in the next few lines..

Taking a deep breath before reading the article is to realise that you have functional lungs which helps you breathe,


then to take a deep breath after reading this article to realise how lucky you are to have functional lungs and to taking care of them in a world full of toxins is essential for a healthy life.

Diseases in the lungs are one of the most common diseases in the world where smoking, various infections and genetics as well serve as causes of lung diseases.

Our lungs are a part of a complex process of constant contracting and expanding millions of time to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. A lung disease is a result of any problem in any part of the process.

Types of Lung Diseases:

Lung Diseases can be of many types. The types of lung diseases are mainly segregated with regard to the organs which are involved in the process of breathing.

The diseases can affect any of these organs along with the lung.

The types of lung diseases are:

Lung Diseases affecting the Trachea:

In in this type of Lung Disease, the disease affects the windpipe or the Trachea and also the bronchi which are smaller branches of blood vessels which are connected to the lungs.

Lung Diseases which affects the Air Sacs:

Clusters of air sacs are present at the end of the bronchioles or airways which are called Alveoli. Most of the lung tissue is made up by alveoli itself. In this type of lung disease, the alveoli is affected to a great extent.

Lung Diseases which affects the Blood Vessels:

The right side of the heart receives less low oxygen blood from veins when compared to the left side. Pulmonary arteries pump blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs. Hence in this type of lung disease any kind of blockage or a clot in the blood vessels can cause a disease in the lungs.

Lung Diseases which affects the Chest Wall:

We all know that our ribs protects our lungs from any kind of harm. Our chest wall plays an important role in the process of breathing where our muscles connect our ribs to each other eventually causing the chest to expand. Our chest though is highly susceptible to diseases such as cancer.

Types of Lung Diseases

Symptoms of Lung Infections:

The symptoms of lung infections start with the simplest of cough and can go up to the most painful chronic chest pain depending on the type of lung disease or infection.

The major symptoms of lung infections are:

  • Chronic cough: One of the most basic symptoms of lung infection is cough which is continuous in nature, namely for more than a month making it chronic. It is a preliminary symptom which is important to check up on once it starts.
  • Shortness of breath: You  experience shortness of breath at some point, especially after exercising or some strenuous activity. But laboured breathing which makes it difficult in breathing is an important symptom of lung infection.
  • Wheezing: Breathing accompanied with some sort of noise or wheezing is another symptom of lung infection. It is a sign that something is blocking out the airways of the lungs or making them narrower.
  • Coughing up blood: This is a major symptom of lung infection. Even though coughing up blood might usually originate from the lungs or the respiratory tract.
  • Chronic Chest Pain: If chest pain lasts for more than a month, it becomes chronic in nature and it the pain increases while breathing in or out or even while coughing is a major symptom of lung infection.

Symptoms of Lung Diseases

Your lungs will only function if you allow them to function properly. They are a part of the body which you cannot take casually or even take advantage of as eventually you will have to reap what we have sown. The faster you identify the symptoms of lung infections and diagnose the types of lung diseases, the better you can live.


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