Fact Files Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Afraid of getting a knee joint replacement?. Well here are some knee joint replacement facts which while  shoo away all your fears and answer many of your questions.

Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Knee replacement surgeries are very common and the numbers are increasing. Compared to around 2,50,000 such surgeries per year in the last decade, the numbers have risen to approximately 6,00,000 per year in the current one.  Almost 99 percent of knee replacement surgeries are successful.
  • The most common  indication for knee joint replacement is not any injury to the knee but,  Osteoarthritis.
  • Your new knee will be made of cobalt – chromium/ Titanium , not an easily destructible material.
  • Knee joint replacement surgery has improved greatly over the years where doctors are continuously searching new and zero pain methods to perform the surgery.
  • Total Knee replacement is the usually the last resort to take up when  medications do not make your knee better. There is also Partial Knee Replacement where the surgeons take off the most affected part of the knee and replaces it.
  • The average time taken for a knee joint replacement surgery is just 60-90 minutes.
  •  According to some statistics, more women have opted for knee replacement surgeries than men. In 2012, 57 percent of the patients who underwent knee joint replacement surgeries were women.
  • Knee Replacement recovery time depends on person to person. A person can return home within a week after the surgery.
  • Complete knee replacement recovery takes about 3-4 months where a person can get back to daily work, drive, exercise for a limited time and also ride a bicycle or swim.
  • Your new knee will last for a minimum of 20-25 years or even more as it is more developed and advanced than the ones before. For some it may even last a lifetime!.

Knee joint replacement surgery should always conducted by a reputed Orthopedist surgeon or even a hospital well known for Orthopedics.

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