How does Smoking Affect the Lungs

‘Smoking causes cancer. Smoking kills’.

‘None of the people affiliated in this feature promote the act of smoking’.

The first line is seen on every packet of a product which contains Tobacco. Cigarettes, beedis, hookah and so on.

Smoking Effects Lungs

The second line along with the first is seen in almost every advertisement before a the start of a feature presentation.

How naive can we get when we know that smoking affects lungs?

We have educated ourselves. So how is it that we tend to ignore a simple statement of plain crisp English which will eventually help our health by reducing the effects of smoking?

Is it our dependence or is it that we just like smoking too much that our mind has conditioned itself to a number of cigarettes per day?

When a few friends say “I reduced the number from four to two cigarettes a day”, they expect some sort of applause but that is not how it works.

Effects of Smoking

Every drag from a cigarette and every chew of a tobacco product kills. One of the effects of smoking is that it harms the body in a million different ways and doesn’t leave a single organ which does not get affected. Whether externally or internally.

How does smoking affect the lungs?

Smoking effects lungs slowly.

The effects of smoking are majorly on the lungs, which are either due to lung cancer or COPD which is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. Other diseases such as pneumonia and emphysema are also caused due to the effects of smoking in the body and they are fatal.

It all starts with difficulty in breathing. Shortness of breath is one of the main symptoms of the effects of smoking on the lungs. Nicotine from the cigarette travels in fumes and enters every nook and corner of the body. It enters the vessels and blocks the pathway for the travelling blood. Due to this, most organs do not get enough supply of blood.

Smoking effects lungs in the every way possible. The inhaled tobacco narrows down the airway to and from the lungs and eventually destroys the lung tissue which results in various fatal diseases.

The major symptoms which show up after a period of smoking are coughing, wheezing, cold and Asthma which are the signs sent by the body to the mind, to stop smoking.

Effects of smoking on the lungs will eventually reduce if the person is strong enough to reduce the intake of cigarettes in a day, even though each cigarette is harmful, smoking affecting the lungs will be less compared to before and then gradually the person HAS TO STOP in order to save his or her lungs.

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