How Neurosurgery Can Help You ?

How Neurosurgery Can Help You ?

Neurosurgery – What does it mean

Neurosurgery also known as neurological surgery in medical science is defined as the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system (brain) disorders and also involves the treatment of neurological disorders and complications using medications and other non-surgical methods. In majority of patients, the neurologists work alongside neurosurgeons.

Neurosurgery is one of the most recent surgical disciplines to develop in the early 20th century. The neurosurgery treatments over the past decades has advanced quite phenomenally with advances made in modern invasive and non-invasive procedures that has simplified the brain surgeries to a great extent.

A Neurosurgeon go through the longest training period of any medical specialty. They intern for a year and are a resident for five to seven years in addition to four years of medical school. And after that, many of them pursue a fellowship to get a specialization in some specific areas such as spine. The complexity of the nervous system and its functions require this intense level of knowledge and mastery of techniques and technology.

A neurosurgeon helps you to know about your body’s nervous system and the conditions – whether degenerative, trauma or chronic pain which affect you. Your neurosurgeon will work with you to determine the best treatment plans for your condition to achieve the best outcomes possible for your healthy body.

When do you need a neurosurgeon?

Neurological conditions can cause patients to lose their eyesight, hearing, balance or impair their dexterity and use of their limbs. Apart from treating such radical conditions, neurological surgery is also an important discipline, because of its position on the leading edge of modern surgery.

Neurosurgeons are known as doctors who perform complex surgery and it’s true that neurosurgeons can perform complexed surgical procedures in the brain and spine, its often-conservative care or non-surgical that is prescribed. Most Neurosurgeons diagnose your condition and comes up with a treatment plan that is progressive in nature. For example, back pain may be treated medically with anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy and other non-surgical means. If a patient’s condition has progressed past these types of treatment, and if surgery is indicated, then the neurosurgeons can perform the needed surgery.

Types of Neurosurgery Procedures- An Overview

The recent advances in surgical technologies have progressed towards the conventional open surgery of the brain to microsurgery where neurosurgeons can approach a minute target in the brain through minimal opening. There are different types of neurosurgery procedures ranging from minor and simple to quite exhaustive and complicated. However, the most common types of neurosurgery procedures that are performed in neurosurgery in Hyderabad are-

  • Crainiectomy – It is a procedure where a part of the skull is removed due to which the brain swells and an extra space is created that prevents the brain from being crushed.
  • Epilepsy Surgery – Epilepsy is usually treated with medicines in most type of seizures but in some cases, the patient does not respond adequately to medications and as such surgery remains as one of the option by performing brain surgery on the portion that is causing seizures which is removed as a solutions.
  • Anterior cervical discectomy and Fusion – This is surgical procedure in which the herniated disc that is causing severe pain in the neck (even after alternative treatments such as physiotherapy) is removed as a permanent solution.
  • Ventriculostomy – This type of neurosurgery procedure involves the placing a tube to remove the excess fluid without implantation.
  • Lumbar puncture or spinal tap – Lumbar puncture also known as spinal tap is performed to detect many underlying problems or diseases of the central nervous system and is also for testing the occurrence of meningitis.
  • Ventricoluperitoneal shunt – It is a type of neurosurgical procedure for the treatment of hydrocephalus performed by implanting a shunt that helps in diverting fluid from the brain.

The above mentioned neurosurgery procedures are usually performed in many hospitals across the state especially the neurosurgery in Hyderabad is gaining prominence
not only in India but across the globe.


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