Lower Back Pain in Youngsters

When we were kids, most of us heard our parents or teachers shout “Sit up straight, don’t sit like you are an old person.” There was a reason for this.

For a young adult, 90 percent of his or her day involves sitting in a statutory position unless and until the work calls for movement. We sit for a while post waking up, we eat sitting, work sitting, travel sitting most of the time and many a times, sleep sitting as well.

Extensive sitting is not much of an issue, but extensive sitting in the same posture is very harmful. Sitting up straight and maintaining the right posture while sitting decreases the chances of suffering from back pain to a great extent. This is one of the reasons for lower back pain in youngsters.

Reasons for Lower Back Pain:

Causes of Lower Back Pain

The few main reasons for lower back pain according to research by various doctors include, Spondylitis, Injury, Degenerative Disk disease and many other reasons involve Pelvic discomfort and Fibroids (non cancerous tumours which grow from the muscle layers of the uterus) which only women suffer from.

  • Spondylitis: Spondylitis is one of the biggest reasons for lower back pain. It is a form of arthritis, a chronic inflammation type that impacts the spine and sacroiliac joints. This inflammation results in the pain from the spinal cord and the pain travels to the lower back till the hip bones.
  • Injury or Muscle Strain: Another reason for lower back pain is muscle strain or injuries. Muscle strain is another cause for lower back pain which happens when a person lifts heavy objects on a regular basis. It strains the spinal cord and the muscles on the back which causes a stretch in ligaments.
  • Degenerative Disk Disease: Lumbar Degenerative Disk disease affects people in their 20’s and is known to be another reason for lower back pain. The lumbar disks between the vertebrae break down and the damaged disk can cause inflammation which is painful and also cause instability to the back.
  • Premenstrual Syndrome – Premenstrual Syndrome is another reason of lower back pains which happens only in women.

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

There are many treatments for lower back pain depending on the severity of pain. Natural treatments are usually used for mild pain in the lower back. If the pain is at an increased level and the cause is not natural then a surgery can be done to completely reduce the pain.

Some of the common treatments for lower back pain are:

  • Muscle Relaxants: Muscle relaxants are medicines which recesses the central nervous system and increases mobility of tense muscles which eventually relieves the pain.
  • Correcting Posture: Correcting the posture of sitting is one of the basic lower back pain treatments. It does not put pressure on the lower back hence expanding the muscles to relieve the pain.
  • Back Braces: Back braces are given to patients who have been suffering from extensive lower back pain through the years. It is said to be an effective lower back treatment as it provides comfort to the spinal cord and reduces pain to a great extent.
  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy has proven to be an effective Lower Back Pain Treatment. Practiced since a very long time, massage if done accurately relieves the muscles in the lower back reducing the pain to a great extent.

Eventually, prevention is always better than cure. Hence to reduce the risks of lower back pain, starting at the basic of precautions is better than finding complex cures.


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