Plastic Surgery Hospitals in Hyderabad

Plastic Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad

Plastic Surgery reconstructs or restores or alters defective or injured parts of the human body to increase their functionality. If a Traumatic Accident has injured you seriously or you are a burn survivor and a surgery could not recover you completely, you might need to go for a plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery is also required in cases where a child is born with a deformity.

When the functionality of an organ is in question, it is extremely essential to choose the right plastic surgery hospital and if you are around Hyderabad, Sai Sanjeevini Hospital is one of the best Plastic Surgery Hospitals in Hyderabad. Our Plastic Surgery Department has a team of experienced surgeons, assisted by extremely well-trained staff. The Plastic Surgery Department addresses major procedures like reconstructive surgery to correct birth defects, trauma, burn defects etc. and also various modern microsurgeries.

With the latest technologies and the modern equipments available at the Plastic Surgery Department of Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals, the doctors can even restore bone tissues to some extent.


The Plastic Surgery Department at Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals is equipped with Leica microscopes, Pneumatic micro drills, cutting systems and the latest microsurgery equipment.

At Sai Sanjeevini Hospital, the plastic surgery department has treatments for craniofacial anomalies, complex head surgery, and skull base surgeries are also available. These procedures come under Maxillofacial Surgery.

  • Burn/trauma
  • Orofacial Cleft: Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate or both
  • Deformity due to peripheral disorder
  • Jaw reconstruction
  • Skin Graft
  • Bone graft
  • Correction of congenital deformity
  • Reconstruction after the removal of a tumour or cancerous cells.

The end results of plastic surgery depends on how serious the damage or the defect was. However, one thing is definite – plastic surgery can improve the functionality of a defective organ tremendously when it is performed by an expert Plastic Surgeon like the surgeons at Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals.


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