Sacroiliac Joint Pain? Here Are Some Things You Need To Know!

Sacroiliac Joint Pain? Here Are Some Things You Need To Know!

Our body apart from being a network of arteries and veins, is also a network of bones. These bones protect the body, giving it balance and also provides the framework of our body.  You must be knowing that bones join each other at some point. This point or junction where two bones are conjoint is called as a Joint.

Do you know how many such joints we have in our body?

Many. To be exact, 360 joints are present in an adult human body.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Out of those many joints, there is one, a small joint which plays an integral role in the proper functioning of the legs and hip.  The sacroiliac joint is the joint which is formed by the conjunction of the sacrum and the left and right iliac bone.

What is a sacrum, you might be wondering?

The sacrum is the junction which is located at the rear of the human body. It is the junction, which is located right below the  lumbar vertebrae of the human body.

Often, there is a confusion about the sacroiliac joint dysfunction as it is similar to the pain caused either due to a herniated disc or in the case of a sciatica pain.

However, sacroiliac joint pain is caused due to the the pain in the sacrum joint. It is not always possible to mention about the accurate reason for the sacroiliac joint pain.

But, it is generally assumed that the pain is caused due to the a sudden jerk caused in the joint or any inflammatory disease resulting in the sacroiliac joint pain.

SI Joint Pain Causes

Causes of Sacroiliac Joint Pain When there is an inflammation in the sacrum or the sacroiliac joint, there is usually acute pain. It is important to know about the causes of the sacroiliac joint pain for an accurate diagnosis. The causes of the sacroiliac joint pain are as follows.

They are:

– The sacroiliac joint pain could be due to an accident or any irregular movement of the lower body.

– Arthritis has often been a condition which has lead to acute problems and excruciating sacroiliac joint pain.

– Serious cases of Spondylitis has often resulted in instances of sacroiliac joint pain. It is very important to treat spondylitis, so that there are no further complications in the sacrum area.

– There are complications which are caused to the sacrum, in the cases of the women being pregnant. As a lot of weight falls on the lumber which results in the pain on the sacrum.  

Diagnosis of Sacroiliac Joint Pain There are several ways of determining what is causing the pain. But, some of the most preferred ways of the diagnosis include:

– A physical test by the doctor, where the doctor makes the patient lie down on the bed and he presses the various parts around the tip of the spinal cord to figure out the cause for the pain.

– There are MRI scans which are also done in order to understand about the exact reason for the discomfort and the sacroiliac joint pain.

Treatment for Sacroiliac Joint Pain There are various types of treatments for sacroiliac joint pain. But, none of the treatments which are administered on the patients are invasive treatments or surgical treatments. Most the treatments are done through medication and exercises. Some of the most popular treatments are as follows:

 – The Ice and Heat Therapy: In the first few days after being diagnosed with sacroiliac joint pain, it is important for the patient to take the heat and the cold therapy. Every 15-20 mins, with an interim gap of 2 hours a patient has to apply ice packs followed by a warm water pack, on the area of the sacroiliac joint pain. This will reduce the pain and give some comfort to the area which is causing pain.  

SI Joint Pain Treatment

– Medication: This is the second stage of treatment. In this stage usually medication is provided. Most of the medications include painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines, which reduces the swelling in the sacrum area.  

– Braces: This is one of the ways in which when the joint in hypermobile or orthotic, a belt is worn around the pelvic region where there is pain.

 – Physiotherapy: It is important to get treated by a physiotherapist, so that the right kind of exercises are done for the benefit of the joint.  

– Injections: There are also various injections which can be given to the patients, when there is discomfort and severe pain around the sacrum area. This helps in the reduction of inflammation and reduces the pain.

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