Sai Sanjeevani Winner of INDYWOOD EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2017

Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals won the INDYWOOD EXCELLENCE AWARDS, 2017 for the category Medical Care – Orthopedics.

Sai Sanjeevini Awards 2017

The award did not come to us as a surprise.


A hospital requires more than an experienced doctor and a skilled surgeon – a hospital needs to hold a culture of empathy and compassion.

When a person reaches out to a hospital, he is, for sure, looking for treatment, a quick and painless recovery. But a team of caregivers in a hospital knows that they are looking for more – they are looking for an assurance that they will be okay; that they are not alone in their bad times; that they are in good hands.

Efficiency in treating patients is undoubtedly extremely important but psychological support has a positive effect on the patients and uplifts their spirit. After that, recovery is only a matter of time!

At Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals, our doctors, medical assistants, staffs and management work hand in hand to make our patients feel safe, comfortable and at home. With the motto of ‘WORK IS WORSHIP” and with the help the most advanced medical equipment and technologies, we create a loving, caring and friendly environment where our patients can release their anxiety and walk towards speedy and complete recovery.

We have been in the health service for 14 years as of 2017, and we have excelled more and more with each passing year. We have OPD care, a 24/7 laboratory, 24/7 pharmacy, and 24/7 emergency services. We also have a radiology lab and allied health services. We have medical ties with blood banks as well.

Dr S. Anjaiah, M.S. (Ortho), the head of Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals works and attends various National and International Hospitals seminars and workshops. He likes to stay informed about the latest medical developments in the field of orthopaedic science. He habitually tries to incorporate the most advanced forms of treatment in the Orthopaedic Department of his hospital.

Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals puts their cordial effort to serve each patient with utmost care. But, a gesture of appreciation never goes in vain. INDYWOOD EXCELLENCE AWARDS, very recently, boosted our spirits by honouring us with an excellence award. Watch Dr S. Anjaiah accept the award below.


The Indywood Medical Excellence Award is given to a candidate who has “demonstrated commitment, vision, calculated risk-taking … capacity to be an independent thinker in the face of uncertainty”; who takes “new approach or technology and creating a culture of innovation” and has made “significant contributions as a pioneer in the respective field”.

Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals won the INDYWOOD EXCELLENCE AWARDS, 2017 for the category Medical Care – Orthopedics – this certifies the hospital’s excellence more than this blog can justify!


Dr. Anjaiah S is an acclaimed name in the field of orthopaedics. He deals with problems related to the musculoskeletal system which concerns the correction of spinal and bone deformities in children and adults. Dr. Anjaiah has been in practice for the last 22 years.

Dr. Anjaiah is also a stem cell transplant surgeon who has acquired training in orthopaedic surgery and stem cell transplantation from some of the most prominent institutes.


Sai Sanjeevini Multi Speciality Hospitals a unit of Singapanga Healthcare Pvt. Ltd has been providing health services to the people in need for the last 14 years. This health care organisation combines practical, proven research, cutting edge procedures and state-of-the-art treatment to produce excellent medical and lifestyle outcome for our patients. Our hospital and medical staff provide innovative medical care in a friendly, compassionate, community environment conducive to patient recuperation in a family atmosphere.