Should I go for Plastic Surgery, How safe is it?

Should I go for Plastic Surgery, How safe is it?

An overview of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is widely popular among both men and women across the globe. Different factors are involved in this fast developing field such as variations in cultural norms, socio-economic development, globalization and the impact of Western culture, mental disorders, and media.

These days, the plastic surgery has turned out to be a profitable business that deals specifically with human appearance and less from the viewpoint of beauty based on physical protests and considering factors like sex, age, and race.

Is it advisable to undergo Plastic Surgery?

In general, plastic surgery is highly safe when executed by certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons in a surgery clinic that has a proper license and an experienced anesthesiologist. However, each patient must be seen as a case-by-case basis and needs to be cleared ahead of undergoing plastic surgery.

Should I go for Plastic Surgery,How safe is it1

How the assessment is done for plastic surgery?

Your plastic surgeon will carry out specific tests and take into account your health history to make sure whether you are fit enough for plastic surgery. A majority of young patients will undergo certain laboratory tests such as white count, haemoglobin blood count, and coagulation panel to find out the causes of bleeding, as well as a beta hCG to rule out the patient is pregnant.

Apart from these tests, patients are screened for systemic medical conditions that consist of diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and any other medical condition that requires to be cleared for general anaesthesia.

Who are not eligible for undergoing plastic surgery?

Certain health illnesses like diabetes, connective tissue disorders, malnutrition etc. may make elective surgery too risky. Certain methods may involve risk for specific patients whereas certain other procedures are not worth taking up. Not every individual is an ideal candidate for every procedure and the only manner to find out what is appropriate for you is to discuss your preferences with your plastic surgeon.

For some people, plastic surgery is a great opportunity to fix an apparent flaw that has put them in discomfort for years.

The Complications and Rewards of Plastic Surgery

Should I go for Plastic Surgery,How safe is it2

Apart from enhancing your body and facial appearance, plastic surgery can lead to significant improvements in quality of life. For a large number of patients, successful plastic surgery can result in an increase in self-esteem and psychological confidence. When you feel relaxed and confident in your own skin, you will emit these positive emotions in everything what you do.

As regards to the adversities of plastic surgery it may change from one procedure to another, specific risks are common in all surgeries and certain risks are serious. The following are some of the risks or complications arising out plastic surgery.

  • Infection: Though steps are initiated to lower the occurrence of infection, there is always a possibility that infection at the area of the incision can take place.
  • Bleeding: Excessive bleeding can be the resultant of plastic surgery while an injury is open. Sometimes, a blood transfusion may be needed.
  • Blood clots: Blood clots may occur because of prolonged periods of surgery though walking and body movement in the post period of surgery help to keep the risk at bay.
  • Slow healing: Pre-existing vascular conditions and smoking can retard the healing process.

Other than the above, there are anaesthesia-specific risks that need to be clarified with the anaesthesiologist before saying yes to the plastic surgery.

Conclusion: The decision to undergo plastic surgery should not be taken in a hurry and one would always have to weigh in the potential risks and rewards ahead of plastic surgery. Only you can judge yourself if it is worth taking risk.