Diabetology Treatment

The Diabetic AssociationThe Diabetic Association of Sai Sanjeevini Hospitals strives to infuse hope and peace in even the most severe diabetic cases. Diabetes or high blood sugar is not at all that fatal by itself. The consequential damages caused to nerves, legs, foot, heart, eyes, kidneys and pancreas is what makes diabetes lethal.

Facilities Available
  • Consultation by team of the best diabetologists and endocrinologists of the city
  • ECG Resting
  • Affordable, beneficial and high-quality laboratory facilities for all diabetes-related investigations
  • Nerve Conduction velocity studies for diabetic neuropathy and autonomic neuropathy
  • Equipment to assess Insulin resistance and Serum Insulin assays useful for asymptomatic blood relatives of diabetic patients.
  • Doppler: Vascular Doppler