All You Need To Know About Arthritis

While talking about what makes us look the way we are, think about what makes us have a defined facial profile, an upright body, and an attractive physique?  Bones. Bones play a significant role in the shape and structure of a person. So imagine how you’d look without bones, or if you had brittle bones. Well, no bones could be quite an exaggeration, but it is quite a disturbing thought to have brittle bones. It a huge concern for many these days. If you too are among those with the same concern, here’s what you need to know. Arthritis is one of the most common bone diseases that has been on the rise since the last few years. It is a kind of bone degeneration that eventually results in bone density depletion, and loss of bone.  Here we have a brief introduction to arthritis and why it occurs.  Understanding Arthritis Arthritis is a term that refers to a group of more than bone 100 diseases. The word “arthritis” means inflammation of the joints. Inflammation is a natural reaction to any illness or injury and results in swelling, pain, and stiffness of the body. Inflammation that lasts for a prolonged period or if it recurs, as in arthritis, leads to tissue damage. The joint bones are covered with a sponge-like material called cartilage. The cartilage cushions the bones allowing the joint to move smoothly without pain. The joint is lined by the synovium lining which produces a slippery fluid called synovial fluid. This fluid helps to limit the friction of the joints. There are different types of arthritis which have variants in the problem that occurs in the bones. Of all the types of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the most common. Let’s take a glance at these two types of degenerative bone diseases.

  Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease.   The body’s immune system which naturally protects it from bacteria and viruses attacks the joints by mistake.  This leads to inflammation which causes the synovium to thicken and results in swelling and pain in and around the joints.

  • The damaged cartilage causes loss of elasticity and lowers the spacing between bones.
  • Joints may become loose, unstable, can lose mobility, and become painful.
  • Joint deformity also can occur resulting in the joints becoming twisted and crooked.



Sometimes called degenerative joint disease, it is one of the most common chronic condition of the joints. Osteoarthritis can affect any joint and occurs most often in knees, hips, lower back, the neck, and the fingers joints. In healthy joints, a firm cartilage covers the end of each bone. It provides a smooth cushion for both the bones and has a smooth gliding surface that helps the movement of the joint.

  • In osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down and causes pain, swelling and difficulty in moving the joint.
  • As this condition worsens over a period, bones may become brittle and develop spurs (extra bone growth).
  • In advanced stages of osteoarthritis, the cartilage wears away, and bones rub against each other leading to joint damage and loss of mobility.

Now that we’ve glanced over what arthritis is, Dr Anjaiah talks about what causes arthritis, how to manage with it, and how to control arthritis. Although arthritis is usually noticed to be genetic, one of the growing causes of osteoarthritis is being overweight. Women who are obese are four times more at risk of developing osteoarthritis of the knee. And overweight men are five times at a greater risk for the same.

What to do if you have arthritis/osteoarthritis?

Managing and controlling arthritic pain is in your own hands. Adapting to a certain lifestyle and limiting some wishes can help live a pain-free life. Arthritis can be controlled by having a strong control over weight. You could also call it the first step to treating the condition. Living with arthritis isn’t easy. With a lot of technological advancement, physical activity is minimum. This reduces the use of the joints and results in reducing the mobility of the joints. This has led to many people developing arthritis at a much younger age than usual.  If you are struggling with painful joints, play safe with just a few changes and challenges in life. Live lite, and live strong! Watch the video below to know what Dr. Anjaiah has to say about Arthritis.

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