Brisk Walking A road to better health one step at a time

We all talk about being health-conscious, about incorporating fancy diet regime, about exercising and of course, about walking. But, do we really walk all that talk?

‘Good Health is above Wealth’, or so the proverb says. All of us have known that walking is good for health and hence some of us try and take some time out from our daily lives to walk.

If we were to describe people in this particular era, there’s just one picture we need to imagine. People sitting in their seats or couches, glued to their laptops or smartphones. So, in times when everything is available at the click or swipe, where does walking really feature?

Is normal walking beneficial to our health?

What many of us do not know or have a misconception of is that normal walking is healthy. No, walking is only healthy when done at a certain speed, covering a certain distance at a certain time.This is popularly known as Brisk Walking.

Many of us know about brisk walking as well, but due to our lifestyle and work, it isn’t always possible to take out the time to think about our health. Sadly, only brisk walking is proven healthy for human beings, not other forms of walking.

What is Brisk Walking?

benefits of brisk walking

Doctors have said that only if a person walks at a speed of three miles per hour, it is termed as brisk walking. Only when walking at that speed without breaks or reduction in speed for ten whole minutes, we can see an improvement in health and also stamina.

Brisk walking has proven healthy to great levels. Even though it increases stamina to a great extent and also exercises the calf muscles and thigh muscles in the leg, it is a total body workout.

Nowadays, people of all ages are taking time out in the morning or evening so that they can brisk walk for a particular time. Lack of efficient lifestyle and time has made people ignore their health to such a great extent that we have seen an increase in people suffering from the most basic of issues such as:

  • Weight – The world has around 2.1 billion people who are obese (above average weight). India comes third in the top 10 obese countries in the world. Brisk walking is a first and basic step to start becoming healthier and reducing that number.
  • Blood Pressure – There are so many people who suffer from high Blood Pressure and sadly, people of all ages have started facing this issue. Walking everyday helps in better flow of blood all over the body and helps in gaining stamina.
  • Malnutrition – Even though around 200 million people in India are below the poverty line, malnutrition or undernourishment has become an increasing issue in urban India as well. Exercises such as brisk walking also increases the need for food and eventually that hunger needs to be satiated.

The digital age has made it possible for gadgets and applications like ‘Active 10’ which is suggested by the British Government to track the number of steps a person takes in a day and also calories which are burned. With so much to help, all we need to do is take the first step and start.

However, brisk walking is not advised for many people as well. People who have a heart condition or women during their time of pregnancy are advised not to brisk walk as it can affect their health.

Brisk walking is considered as the most basic form of exercise by doctors. There is no need of a gym, a gym trainer, travel or even money. Just 600 seconds of time in a day, 600 seconds which makes a great deal of difference in a person’s journey to a better health.


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