Understanding Back Pain And Its Treatment

Back pain treatment is usually provided to a person who is suffering from pain on the lower back of his body. The lower back of the body is a very complex network of various nerves, bones, discs and ligaments. The Back pain treatment often takes a long time to treat.

Back Pain Treatment

The Back Pain Treatment is always due to the problem with the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is the area on the back, where the entire weight of the upper body falls on. It supports the body during movements and also while performing vigorous movements. Whenever there is a degenerated disc or a torn lumbar disc, there is inflammation at the back.

Back pain treatment is taken for pain in the lumbar vertebrae. It is caused due to a torn or a pulled muscle or a pulled ligament. Sometimes, these injuries happen suddenly. But, the symptoms show up later. Most of the times, the patients are not aware of the issue. Back pain treatment if taken at the stage of a sprain or strain, it may not be very grave and serious.

Causes of Back Pain

 Back pain is caused due to the following reasons:

  • A muscle is torn or it is stretched too far when a person lifts heavy weights or when there is a sudden movement, which causes a sprain on the joints and muscles.
  • This could also be caused due to remaining at the same posture for a long period of time.
  • When a ligament is torn due to accidents and due to over-stretching.

Symptoms of Back Pain

The back is an incredibly well-designed part of the anatomy as it is an interconnect zone of numerous long nerves, bones, muscles, ligaments and joints. The back pain treatment is taken for various problems in the zone. There are most importantly five lumbar vertebrae at the back. Even if one of the lumbar vertebrae has any injury to it, it will result in back pain.

Symptoms of Back Pain

However, there are certain ascertainable symptoms for which a back pain treatment has to be taken. They are:

  • The symptoms of back pain are stiffness around the back. This includes the lower back and the upper back. The pain may arise from the tip of the lower back to the mid ridge of the upper back and the medium back.
  • Continuous pain from the lower back to the tip of the neck.
  • A frozen sensation at the back, which makes it difficult to move
  • Back pain treatment is available for symptoms where the lower back hurts, when one wishes to sit on a seat.
  • There are also symptoms of pain in the lower back where it burns after lifting of heavy objects and sometimes the sensation of burning aggravates, when there is a repetition of the same movement.
  • The pain at the back sometimes, travels from the spinal cord to the buttocks and then lower down to the calf and the other parts of the lower body, at the back.
  • It also happens that the entire back of the human body sometimes does not support a person to get up.
  • Weak and painful joints

Back Pain Treatments:

There are various types of back pain treatments, which one can access at the right time. They are:

  • Muscle relaxants and painkillers are given at the first instance. It is the first step in the treatment for back pain. Non-steroid drugs are first prescribed to the patients. Some of the most common drugs are Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Naproxen.
  • Opiate Muscle Relaxants: These are those medicines which come in high potencies for treatment for back pain. These medicines are not recommended for more than two to three weeks.
  • Antidepressants: The role of antidepressants are not only constrained to the extent of treating depression. But, it has its effect on severe back pains and its often prescribed by doctors as a treatment for back pain.
  • Steroids and botox injections are sometimes prescribed for people who need treatment for back pain.
  • In some cases, surgeries are performed for back pain. But, in most cases, there is no surgery which is required for back pain. Only if there is a herniated disc, there is a possibility of a surgery for the back.

Back Pain Treatments

The back is the often the most supportive part of the body. It is also sometimes referred to as the most neglected part of the body. This makes it a major risk for million of people from across to enter into chronic back pain and spondylitis as most people do not do enough for the back. It is important to pay attention to the symptoms of back pain and to visit a credible doctor to give relief. Sai Sanjeevini Hospital provides the best treatments within a short span for back pain.


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